To the future...


The Xodus Entertainment Group has set a series of short term objectives to achieve our main long term purpose. We believe that through a system of short term successes, we can make step by step improvements that will guarantee a strong foundation on which an empire can stand. Xodus' ultimate goal is to become an American animation studio that truly captures the soul of the anime art form. Unlike other animation studios, Xodus mostly produces in-house projects, reducing costs in both rights and royalties. We employ a knowledgeable team of writers who enjoy classic anime such has BLEACH, NARUTO, ONE PIECE, CLAYMORE, CODE GEASS, DRAGONBALL Z, and NOT Dragon Ball GT. We aim to bring you the elements of anime which we, the fans, love and enjoy the most: the perspectives of character design, the depth of storytelling, and many imaginative worlds we have created all for you - The anime fans.

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